February 29, 2008

Beringer "Alluvium" White Meritage

White Meritage / $11.99 to 15.99
Knights Valley California

I know I have been on a Red wine kick for the past few months. I have not been ignoring all of you white drinkers, Really! I have recently been berated for ignoring your needs by avoiding whites at all costs. Hopefully, this review will make up for my inaffection.This week, you should make an effort to find this delicious and inexpensive white.

Beringer is a very large producer in California. They produce a wide spectrum of wines, from $10 to over $100. In my experience, their wines have always been a good value. The Alluvium is a blend of grapes....a White Meritage (Rhymes with heritage). This blend consists of Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and a bit of Viognier. All of these grapes are delicious on their own, but when blended by a craftsman, morph into something special.

The Alluvium pours beautifully....rich almost viscous. The honeysuckle aroma from the Viognier wafts from the glass followed by pear, and citrus. Swirling the glass, the wine clings to the bowl forshadowing the viscocity and lush mouth feel. Peach and stone fruit, pear, vanilla; all linger with a long finish. Fabulous for a $15.00 wine.

This will be a great summer wine. Light, delicious and easy to drink. This is a great wine for a lunch of fruit and brie and a loaf of fresh french bread. Most importantly, your friends and family will thing you spent $25 or more on this beauty. This wine got rave reviews in all of the wine publications. Most recently, WINE SPECTATOR made this their wine of the week.

Scores on this wine were 90 points from Robert Parker and 92 Points from Wine Advocate. If you want to buy this by the case, you can get it cheaper by mailorder. It is as low as $11.99 by the case from WINEX in California. You pay no sales tax, and you still save $25 per case.

Be sure to buy the 2006 vintage. Although this wine should last for a few years, it was produced to be consumed young. This wine should be widely available. I would recommend Schneiders in DC on Mass Avenue 202-543-9300 and in Virginia Total Wine and More www.totalwine.com Until next week, enjoy!

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