February 26, 2008

Richard Hamilton "Gumpr's Block"

Shiraz / $11.99

Whenever I review a wine in the $8-15 dollar price range I get at least 30 e-mails with comments and feedback. With the economy uncertain, it is certainly timely to find more reasonable wines to enjoy.

I have been on the lookout for some great bargains that maintain high quality and overall value. The "Holy Grail", right? For the past few years I have been drinking an Australian Shiraz that is not very well known. Pennsylvania currently has this wine as a Chairman's Selection. Usually this retails for about $18. Even at full retail, this is a good value. At $11.99, there is no reason not to pick up a case. Although ready to drink now, it has enough structure to hold a few years. Once you taste it, I think it will be all gone in short order.

The dark ruby color looks light for a 100% shiraz (Syrah). Blackberry and blueberry nose segues into charred oak and pepper. The oak can be attributed to the American oak barrels that this wine is aged in. It has a nice mouthfeel, dense, smooth and without harsh tannins. It does not have a long finish, but for $11.99, what can you expect?

You can go on-line to order this wine, and have it shipped to the closest Pennsylvania wine shop to you. For me, I order a bunch with friends, and we all drive up to Gettysburg to pick it up. Worth the trip.

Order online: at pawineandspirits.com.

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