February 26, 2008

Writers Block Zinfandel

Steele Vineyards / $15.00

Although I am not a football fan, I see the SUPER BOWL as an opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy a cocktail or bottle of wine. My friends very rarely come empty handed to my house. I found 7 bottles of wine while cleaning up that night, and will enjoy trying out all of the gifts.

My friend Steve and his wife Amy brought a bottle of "Writers Block". What a great name for a wine, but there are SO many Australian wines with clever names. Lo and behold, it AIN'T Australian! It is a California wine....I had to try it.

Without knowing the label or cost of this wine, I was able to give this a somewhat objective tasting. It had a nice color, although not super dark like many highly extracted Zins. This is mainly because it is NOT straight Zin. It is a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. In my mind...a wonderful blend.

Red Raspberry, Cherry and Chocolate on the nose. The body is light for a Zin and a tad sweet...but the Berry, Blackberry Jam Pepper and Baking Spices really provide a nice tasting experience. I guessed this to be a $20 wine. I would have been dissapointed if it were more...but worth the $20.

When I researched the wine and found it at $14.99 I knew I would be writing about it today. A nice bargain, a cool and hip bottle, and a great wine to surprise your friends. Thanks to the Stern's for bringing this nice wine to our attention.

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