February 26, 2008

Bodegas Bleda Divus 2003

Spain / $13.00

Sometimes you have to cheat a little bit to find a wine that hits the spot. Sometimes you have to cheat ALOT to find a good wine at an attractive price. I have to give all credit to this find to Scott Greenberg, aka: THE VINE GUY. He is the weekly wine writer for the D.C. Examiner. You don't read the Examiner? Shame on you! Some great information is published each week by Scott and his wife Cindy (The Vine GAL).

I liked this recommendation from Scott because he explained that this wine spends the first 21 days in contact with the grape skins. This process is similar to the process used by Italian wine makers that produce AMERONE, one of my favorite wines.

This wine is concentrated, filled with red and black fruit and has the complexity that many wines in this price range do not. For $20 a bottle, it is MUCH cheaper then an Amerone, but satisfying to the palate and the wallet. You should E-mail Scott@VINEGUY.com and ask to be placed on his weekly e-mail list. He will send you a PDF copy of the Examiner's weekly article and keep you abreast of the Washington DC wine scene.Tell him Gerry Sent you!

website: www.VineGuy.com
e-mail list: Scott@VINEGUY.com

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